TIP Board of Directors Statement of Social Responsibility

[...]Systemic racism, therefore, impedes TIP’s ability to achieve its mission. It is right for every organization to declare its opposition to discrimination, injustice, and the perpetration of systemic racism. For TIP, working to end these practices is a necessary, integral part of the work we do to achieve our mission. Without an end to injustice and systemic racism, TIP will never see the full manifestation of its mission.[...]

Our full Statement of Social Responsibility can be found here.


Caring adult involvement in the life of a troubled child can alter his/her path. TIP Georgia utilizes many valuable programs to assist the children involved in its organization.   Read more... 


The Truancy Intervention Project is always seeking new volunteers to help with the prevention of school failure.   Read more...


Donations of any kind, in any amount are useful and will go directly towards providing essential services to at-risk youth. Donations can be conveniently made online and are fully tax deductible.   Read more...